Dr  Priya Jain,  MD, The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at UVAS Ayurvedic Centre, controls and handles the overall management and administration. Under her supervision, UVAS offers the courses on Slimming and Ayurvedic therapy to the students of both India and abroad. Dr. Priya Jain is from Bangalore, India is a researcher in Ayurveda and Gold medalist in one of her research on udvartanam.
She also offers the studies on computer courses and dietician courses to the students who are the deserved ones but unable to afford the study fees . She also ensures them the scholarship  in the form of fee payments.
She has an experience of 12years in this field and in India their centre is recognized by international ayurvedic academy. Every year uvas Ayurveda has students from Europe and Japan to learn and practice ayurveda.
Besides a wonderful doctor she loves nature and travelling and strives to make ayurveda easily available for common people.
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   Special Treatments
Ø Slimming & Weight Management
Ø Nutrition
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Ø De Toxification
Ø Garbhasanskar
Ø Swarna Prashan
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Ø Therapeutic vomiting or emesis (Vaman)
Ø Purgation (Virechan)
Ø Enema (Basti)
Ø Elimination of toxins through the nose(Nasya)
Ø Detoxification of the blood (Raktamokshan)