Ø Therapeutic vomiting or emesis (Vaman)
Ø Purgation (Virechan)
Ø Enema (Basti)
Ø Elimination of toxins through the nose(Nasya)
Ø Detoxification of the blood (Raktamokshan)
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Opp Nandini, 254, 16th Cross,
24th Main, 5th phase, JP Nagar,
Phone : 080 42068463,
Mobile : 9343209886
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You are welcome to UVASPrayer for health  is the Dr. Priya Jain's dream come true. A holistic place blended with preservation of traditional authenticity with a homely environment you feel close to nature while getting the treatments done.
Dr. Priya has an experience of 12 years in Ayurveda, panchakarma and in the field of nutrition
   Special Treatments
Ø Slimming & Weight Management
Ø Nutrition
Ø Cosmetology
Ø De Toxification
Ø Garbhasanskar
Ø Swarna Prashan
Ø Kayachikitsa
Ø Balrog Chikitsa
Ø Graharog Chikitsa
Ø Urdhavangaroga Chikitsa
Ø Shalyaroga Chikitsa
Ø and more...
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